Artwork Title : “Let’s play Hopscotch”
– Medium : Photography, Series of 7 Photographs, Edition 1/7,
Framed , numbered and signed
– Dimensions: 40 per 60 cm (It is possible to purchase one piece separately)
– Artist : Mo Maria :
– Price : 3200 $ (all series of 6)
– Availability: Available for sale
– Contact :

– Text about the artwork :

Photographs series from Interactive Art Installation : “Let’s play Hopscotch”,
“Let’s play Hopscotch” in a part speaks about accumulation of weight / power and the territorial from a feminist point of view ,
it aims to record or questions weight/power in patriarchal society , it questions the position of female body
that has no space to exist as entity but as affiliation to pre-established patriarchal order where space is in constant negotiation,
it talks about the “body” or “female body” as inscription in a social game,
through private lens to own personal body and quest or longing to “intimacy” or “identification” with oneself…
Hence the female body becomes a social element deprived from its own integrity , in a patriarchal social order…

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