“Complex , Fluxes(2)”
Art Installation/Intervention by Mo Maria Sarkis.
With special thanks to Beirout Souks Food Court “The court”
And Video/Editing : Christine Safi.

COPYRIGHT © “Complex ,Fluxes(2)” Art Installation/Intervention

‘ Complex , Fluxes (2) ‘ :
Poetry/words extract from my work ‘ VIEW OF PAVED LAND ‘ That I put in the Led Screens to replace usual displayed commercial ads and to encourage artistic expression in public spaces…
‘VIEW OF PAVED LAND’ which is a word’s work in progress that participated in MAKHZIN N01 New Literary
Magazine ,
Makhzin stems from 98weeks’ research On Publications April 2014 ;
Also Participated in Inchiostro e Pietra – Ink and Stone – حبر وحجر – Literary Magazine pages 11 , 36 , 37 :

This work started during temporary in-habitation of space and art residency at La Generale En Manufacture Sevres-France end of 2010 , questioning the
notion of lodging/non-lodging , i think when talking on ‘territoriality’ what is meant are words in process , it is one mode or functionality of creating
space , i think this space some times is tangent and itself transcribed somewhere in line …
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