MO MARIA SARKIS Contemporary Artist From Lebanon,
2013-2014 attended a post-graduate art program with Ashkal-Alwan
The HWP 2013-14, which is the third edition of Home Workspace Program,
is led by resident professors Jalal Toufic and Anton Vidokle under the title Creating and Dispersing Universes that Work without Working see more on the program here :

at First Trained in Interior Architecture , Then in Plastic Arts ,

Today is questioning the notion of the ‘politic’ and the one of ‘aesthetic’ and their inter-sections ,

Her current work is the experimental and exploration of ‘Lodging/non-lodging’ concept a work in development,
With inter-disciplines of video, photography, illustration, sculpture, and other …

Late years started her interest into ‘migration’, ‘sub-cultures’, ‘self-governance’, and ‘gender’; her work is inspired from her concern into these micro-narratives, and seeks ways and shapes for her voice into experimentation and exploration of these interests.

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